What emotions do you try to convey through your music?

Those that come from the bottom of my heart. Satsuki means “piece of moon” and the moon shines through the darkness. My voice is like a moonbeam in the night. My songs are made to make everyone’s heart shine through the darkness – like the moon that shines at night.

★ Satsuki - 砂月★ New look - Saboten 2014 
——- Moon Stream ——-

Moon Stream VIP Event for Saboten con - https://www.facebook.com/events/813792548652921/
Their VIP events are a lot of fun! I highly recommend you go see them if you’re going to Saboten con! 

I woke up unexpectedly at night
This voice I hear, is it my window of hope? 
Or is it from the depth of my mind? 
My eyes are wide open, and yet I don't know

The broken heart burns

In the stream of coming and going people, I’m existing.